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Regular trimming keeps tree growth from getting out of control, while also serving to remove damaged or dead limbs. The result is a stronger tree with sturdy structure and healthy growth.

In fact, the health, growth and beauty of trees and similar plants is greatly enhanced with regular trimming and pruning. In addition to improving the look of your landscaping efforts, regular maintenance helps to keep disease at bay. Trees of all ages can benefit from scheduled trimming, with young trees pruned as a way to properly guide growth.

Risks of Improper Pruning

When you choose the experienced professionals at Gomez Tree Service HoustonĀ for your tree and palm pruning needs, you avoid the risk of damage associated with improper pruning practices. Having confidence in our certified arborists to do the job quickly and correctly is important since improper technique can lead to irreparable damage.


Over-trimming does more than destroy a tree’s natural beauty. Damaged limbs could end up causing injury if not property maintained. Large, exposed areas left over from improper trimming and pruning leaves trees susceptible to infection and disease. Even the loss of too much foliage can leave a tree starving for energy or promote excessive new growth, contributing to breakage.

You do not want this to happen to your trees.

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Tree Trimming Houston TX Services
Let the professionals atĀ Gomez Tree Services provide proper trimming and pruning for your trees. Among our tree trimming services are:

  • Crown thinning. Thinning allows light and wind to penetrate, while reducing excessive limb weight.
  • Crown cleaning. Dead limbs are identified and removed.
  • Crown raising. Our professionals can analyze the best pruning approach for your trees and, when necessary, the lower edge of the tree’s crown is trimmed to allow for vehicles and pedestrian clearance based on municipality specifications.
  • Obstruction clearance. Trimming ensures clearance of buildings, light poles, signs and utility service equipment with exclusion of high-voltage lines.
  • Limb pruning and reduction. Overly heavy branches and limbs become prone to breakage. We will prune these areas and remove limbs as necessary to avoid this hazard.
  • Topping. This procedure will only be performed under the recommendation of one of our certified arborists and only to solve a specific problem in certain tree species.
  • Crown reduction. If necessary, our certified tree care experts will reduce the crown to improve appearance or address excessive weight at limb end.
  • Palm pruning. Years of experience have taught us how to prune palms properly and consistently at a 45-degree angle.


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