Tree Stump Grinding Houston

Experience in Tree Stump Grinding in Houston

Tree Stump Grinding Houston are unwelcomed remnants of tree removal, regardless of why a tree was taken down. Not only do stumps result in a tripping and driving hazard, but they attract pests and unwanted wildlife that become a threat to your property.

That’s why Gomez Tree Service Houston offers stump grinding, the most effective and economical way to remove the hazard and eyesore of tree stumps. Our professional crews grind stumps and the adjoining roots to inches below ground level, leaving you without the mess or hazard of tree stumps. Instead, you can landscape the area just as you would bare ground without the need to work around unsightly stumps and roots.

Avoiding a Hazard
You may be tempted to remove the unwanted tree stump yourself by renting or borrowing stump removal equipment and enlisting the help of a few willing neighbors. But that would be both dangerous and costly, especially once equipment rental fees are taken into account.

Don’t be fooled by store-bought chemicals, either. These stump-removal substances promise a very economical route to removing tree stumps. But these highly toxic chemicals can take years to work and there’s no guarantee they will provide the results you are seeking.

Meanwhile, you’ve pumped toxic chemicals into the environment around your home or business, exposing people and pets to poison while still not adequately addressing your stump removal problem.

There is a better way.

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